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Top Outdoor Adventure Blogs

There is something uniquely human about a passion for road trips.  The need to roam truly seems to be built into our DNA.  At GoSnug, we designed a Merino Wool blanket to take with you that's durable and sourced from premium materials. In many ways, it was designed for the road-trippers out there.

There is a rush that comes with hitting the open road, heading into the mountains and breaking free from all those things in our daily lives that tie us down.  Driving away from our routines, we connect with our nomadic beginnings and take hold of a feeling of freedom.  Whenever the world feels crazy, the road brings sanity.  

Luckily, many intrepid and industrious road trippers out there work hard to keep the wanderlust spirit alive and well.  Here are 10 images and the blogs they came from that will trigger your imagination and spark the desire to hit the open road. 

Jasper Tramway, Canadian Rockies (John Hall’s Alaska Blog)

Sometimes the beauty of a road trip is the company you keep and the friendships you create. John Hall’s Alaska Blog chronicles years of tours through Alaska, the Yukon and the Canadian Rockies, as well as offering great tips and tricks for Alaskan vacations.

Michael Lanza at has years of experience as a writer, outdoor photographer and general outdoor enthusiast.  His blog is a fantastic resource for anyone who needs pointers on gear, advice on trip planning or just a little info about outdoor recreation!



Everest (

The Adventure Blog is a haven for outdoor adventure seekers with a constantly updated feed featuring pictures and videos spanning the globe.  If you need some ideas of where to take a road trip, but are thinking GLOBALLY, this is a great place to start.


Glacier Park (

For anyone ready to take road tripping to the next level, The Constant Rambler is required reading. This husband and wife team offer road trip guidebooks, advice on traveling with-or-without kids and ratings on some of the best and most rewarding road trips around.


Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line Blog (

Patagonia is a household name in the outdoor gear universe.  With their blog, The Cleanest Line, the company has created a hub for the people and passions that make Patagonia tick.  


Glacier Park (

Four wheels are definitely not a necessity when hitting the road. For riders, this blog shares some excellent motorcycle road tripping info, including Google Maps of great pit stops and some truly epic insights on life.


Yellowstone National Park (Let’s Be Wild Blog)

One of the core goals of a road trip is tapping into the feeling of being wild and untamed.  The Let’s Be Wild blog documents road trips that keep going long after the pavement ends. The photography is incredible, as is the variety of locales.


@IdleTheoryBus on Instagram

These two are making road tripping their purpose!  Follow their feed on Instagram to see them explore the balance between work and play in their VW bus named Sunshine.

One of the best ways to fully capture the rejuvenating power of a road trip is by keeping it simple.  Your wheels and your gear need to be dependable and ready to handle anything that the road has to offer.  We think that the GoSnug blanket is a quintessential part of perfect road trip planning.  


Thank you to everyone who captured the feel of the open road and keep the fire alive inside of each of us through their excellent blogs and photographs. Keep up the good work. Oh, and if you have any questions about these blogs or our blankets, feel free to reach out to the GoSnug team

Kyle Pucko
Kyle Pucko


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