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Comfort: noun

1. A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. 

2. The easing or alleviation of a person's feelings of grief or distress.

The Power of GoSnug + Comfort

It's funny to say, but blankets wield comfort power. You know the feeling. It's the feeling of putting in a hard week of work to enjoy relaxation on a rainy day, it's the chilled camp-site at a remote lake, and it's the quiet of a house all-to-yourself (if only for a couple hours). It's these things, when accompanied by the right blanket, that help the brain recharge. 

Since we find ourselves in the midst of an exciting Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to spread the love to some of our other Kickstarter companions. Since launching, we've sensed the power of community Kickstarter provides. From strangers helping to fund to messages from supporters around the world. It's been a great journey thus far and we're excited to keep the momentum rolling. 

Here are some Kickstarter campaigns both completed and live building products that we believe pair well with a GoSnug. Think of this like your Kickstarter menu: GoSnug pairs well with:



For at home or on-the-go! Sound familiar? The MoJoe is live right now and we think deserves some Kickstarter love. With some awesome engineering, the MoJoe brews coffee with the push of a button. Add water at any temperature and you're good to go. Now, when you're at the remote mountain lake or halftime at your nephew's football game, GoSnug + MoJoe makes for a great combination of comfort. 


The Everyday Messenger

"Most bags are a mixture of bags that have been done before. At Peak Design, we take a different approach. We invent." 

It was important to us to make a blanket that not only delivered premium comfort, but also embodied the style of the Rocky Mountain West. Durable enough for the weekend trip and stylish enough for the home. Just as versatile, the Everyday Messenger bag works in boardrooms and bike-commutes. 

Although the bags are considered a messenger bag, the unique ladder latching system and storage compartments make it ideal for creatives. The Everyday Messenger makes it possible to tote around small camera equipment, laptops and, well, anything else creatives feel the need to put in a bag. 

We think this pairs nicely because it's stylish, innovative and it just feels like something our fans would find valuable. We created GoSnug because we couldn't find anything like it, it looks like this bag was thinking the same way. 



"You're day depends on your night. But you don't know what's happening in your sleep ... until now."

Of course, when you hear about a blanket designed and produced using Merino wool, it's hard not to think about the comfort of sleep. True, GoSnug promises comfort like you've never felt before in a blanket, but when we came across Sense, we felt like it added a dimension to sleeping that we hadn't though about. 

Sense is much more than a fancy alarm clock. Sense will actually monitor what happens while you sleep. Temperature, light, noise, humidity and particulate sensors all relay information to your smartphone. This information is used to determine at what level in each of these categories do you sleep best. Yeah, we think this pairs quite nicely with GoSnug. 


The Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary: Kokoon

Sometimes the quest for peace and quiet can be difficult. When all you want to do is wrap up in your favorite Merino wool blanket and tune out the world, the Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary headphones are a pretty awesome selection. Fully funded on Kickstarter, the Kokoon headphones solve the simple problem of laying down comfortably while wearing headphones. In addition to premium comfort and sound, the headphones have some built in sensors that take wearable technology to a new level of comfort and cool (literally).

High definition audio combined with their design process (test, test and test more) reminded us of the attention to detail we place in each and every GoSnug. These two are a  match made in comfort. 


Hidden Radio2

As a giant success on Kickstarter, the Hidden Radio Bluetooth speaker brings premium sound and simplicity to the home-audio world. The speaker has the ability to get the party going or to fully cure a post-work headache with some soothing instrumentals.

We love the simple design and feel that sometimes, comfort is accompanied by your favorite new song. With the rise in popularity of podcasts and audio books, wrap yourself in a GoSnug and enjoy a good book ... being read to you by the author!


 North Drinkware: The Mountain Inspired Pint Glass

Inspired by the mountains. Filled with one of the greatest things on planet earth. GoSnug? Nope. A North Drinkware pint-glass. A beer glass with Mount Hood molded into the bottom. This Kickstarter was fully funded and you can order on their website (looks sold-out at the moment). 

We love this because it combines the outdoors with the comfort and camaraderie of enjoying a drink. Whether it's lemonade or your favorite local craft beer, it's an elegant and stylish nod to the home-town mountain.