About GoSnug | Outdoor Merino Wool Blankets & Comforters


There are a lot of beautiful blankets out there with designs that inspire conversation when they’re laid out across your bed, or mindfully draped across the sofa. There are also plenty of sporty technical blankets out there like the ones that promise to stand up to the elements so you can do your thing regardless of the weather. GoSnug is the blanket at the confluence of these two worlds.

GoSnug was inspired by a balanced admiration for thoughtfully designed houseware, a passion for outdoor adventure, and an unwavering belief that comfort should never be compromised. When our quest for a duvet that combined the comfort and quality of merino wool with the style and durability of colorful technical fabrics failed to offer solutions; we created our own. The result is a blanket that meets your design sensibility and quality standards at home, and welcomes you with warmth and contentment wherever you roam.

The GoSnug Difference: 

The difference between Gosnug and other blankets?  Merino wool.  Merino wool fiber is naturally breathable, fast drying, durable, lightweight, and is easy to care for, with antimicrobial and odor resistant properties.

Merino wool helps keep you warm in cold temps and cool in warm temps, providing luxury comfort in every season and setting.



We offer our WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED LIFETIME GUARANTEE because we want you to feel as good about your GoSnug as we do. GoSnug provides a 100% Lifetime Product Guarantee against manufacture defects (excluding end-user effects, rips, normal wear-and-tear, etc). GoSnug will repair or exchange the product if it is within the normal lifetime of the product.

For information regarding website purchases, visit our Refund Policy page for more details on how we stand by our 100% commitment to quality and durability.


GoSnug is proud to be a Leave No Trace Partner